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Energy storage system

  This section discusses energy storage technology that facilitates high penetration and integration of variable renewable energy sources in a microgrid. ESS(energy storage system) plays an extremely important role in improving the operating capabilities of microgrids. ESS can be divided into mechanical, electrochemical, chemical, electrical and thermal systems.

   An overview is provided of the major types of energy storage applied in microgrids.

۱٫ Batteries

(A: Lead-Acid Batteries   B: Lithium-Ion Batteries   C: Redox-Flow Battery   D: Sodium Battery)

۲٫ Flywheels

۳٫ Supercapacitor

Sodium Battery

   The sodium-sulfur battery is another type of battery under development.This technology has already been operated in some countries, such as Japan. The installed capacity of sodium battery is about 250MW. The technological advantage of the sodium battery is its high power density, long battery lifetime (usually over 10 years) and high efficiency (up to 90%). But when this type of battery is operating, a high temperature (350C) is required to liquefy the sodium. This constraint increases the difficulty and operational cost of sodium-sulfur batteries. Another drawback is that the sodium battery is very dangerous if the liquid sodium comes into contact with water in the atmosphere.

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بخشsection ذخیره، ذخیره کردنstorage
نفوذpenetration تکنولوژیtechnology
متغیرvariable ادغامintegration
منابعsources تجدیدپذیرrenewable
فوق العادهextremely energy storage sysytem
سیستم ذخیره انرژی
نقشrole مهمimportant
عملکردoperating ارتقا، بهبودimproving
فراهم شدهdivided قابلیت، تواناییcapabilitiy
الکتریکیelectrical شیمیاییchemical
بررسی اجمالی، دید کلیoverview حرارتیthermal
فلایویلFlywheelsباتری هاBatteries
نصب شدهinstalled کشور هاcountries
بالاhigh مزایاadvantage
عمرlifetime چگالیdensity
درجه حرارتtemperature راندمانefficiency
محدودیتconstraint گداختن، آبگون کردنliquefy
اشکال، مانع drawback هزینهcost
تماس، اتصالcontact خطرناکdangerous

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